Battle Chasers: Night War Gets Physical Copy


Excerpt taken from Battle Chasers Kickstarter:
First, we have a few announcements regarding time frames for Alpha, Beta, and ship! Check them out below!

Alpha: 4th Quarter 2016 (Targeting end of November)
Beta: 1st Quarter 2017 (Targeting January)
Full Launch: Mid-2017

We also expect our forums to launch around the same time as Alpha hits so we have a home for discussion and feedback.

Physical Release

Speaking of the above-mentioned full release, we’re excited to announce that our partnership with THQNordic has allowed us to do a full physical release of the game to retail! We’ll be working with THQNordic to figure out the details of a program that’ll allow our backers to upgrade to physical copies if they’d like to.

Admittedly this may be tricky so it’ll take some time to figure out exactly how to make it happen, and we hope to have some details for everyone on the upgrade system in the coming months.


Game Upgrades

Working with THQNordic has given us the time and cash to do a few cool things with the game. Here are a few things we’ll be doing with those added resources:

More Dungeons! We had planned 5, but will now be creating 8.
More Abilities! Heroes will now have more animations and greater combat depth
More Creatures! In a nutshell… more creatures.
Fishing! The originally planned “Tavern Mini Game” stretch goal has blossomed into a fishing mini-game system that will be used throughout the game
– More Polish! We’re adding to the game, but also putting time into simply spit-shining many of the features we were already doing.

And those are just a few. We can’t wait to get the game in our backers hands first, and in a matter of months!