Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mark Millars The Magic Order Trailer | Netflix

Mark Millar's The Magic Order is not only a soon to be published comic book , but also a Netflix original series. Check out...

My Comic Book Story: A Heroes Tale

In this video I will be taking you on a bit of a journey through my comic book life. Where it all started and...

Official Statement from PGX owner Daniel Patterson.

We Love Comics: PGX Rumor…..!?!

Join MARVEL Celebrate The Return of the Fantastic Four with these Variant Covers

The Fantastic Four will return to Marvel Comics this August. There will be variants for many of marvels current line of books. Personally this...

FHTI: First PGX Unboxing, Comic Haul

Comic book collecting is a wonderful hobby. Made all the more enjoyable, by the various companies of writers and artist that bring us our...

From Heroes to Icons: Intro Video and Free Comic Book Day Haul

My first video entry into the comic book vlogging community

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Blu-ray Announced

The Most successful comic book film of all time is coming to our homes. Wakanda Forever!!! Available on May 15 and on 4K Ultra HD,...

Arkham Comics LasVegas: New comic book pick ups and a comment

Mature Content: Arkham Comics Las Vegas is an awesome guy to follow. In this video he does a little reminiscing on Saturday Morning Cartoons and...