Comic Book News: 7 To Seven Issue #1: Jax Spinx


Jax Spinx is an agent of O.T.G. (Off The Grid) is a secret government agency created back in the early 1960’s. Once used for high profile hits and assassinations, it was shut down in 1963 by President Linden B Johnson immediately after The assassination of President John F Kennedy. It was rumored that O.T.G was in fact responsible for the killing, so once made aware that this agency existed LBJ ordered it to be shut down………Prepare for the comic based on this story.

Take a look at this new independent book by a close friend of mine Wes Clark. This is a totally new endeavor for B2S Films. I would love to have you guys pick this up.

A 24 page  book Telling the backstory of Jax Spinx and also gives an outline of the film and comic book projects. Click the link below to purchase your copy today:
7 To Seven Issue #1: Jax Spinx