Heroes Season 5 Prologue: Brave New World / Fan Fiction

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Heroes Season 5: Brave New World

Change is inevitable. We Grow. We Learn. We Evolve. The Most Ordinary People, Discovering They Can Do The Most Extraordinary Things. The World Has Become An Amazing And More Dangerous Place. All That We Know Is At An End. Yet, We Find Hope. It’s A Brave New World.

After Claire’s insane reveal to the local news of her abilities, many of our “heroes” go underground. HRG does what he does best. Protect Claire by any means necessary. With the help of Angelia Petrelli, HRG and Claire are brought into government protective custody. Once again working for the government they are tasked with finding others to join the cause, of creating “stability” between humans and specials. HRG agrees but Claire is now his new partner. Her “Company Training” begins. Tracy Strauss and The Haitian also work with HRG, as shadow agents. Meaning the government doesn’t know of her involvement.

Samuel is taken in to custody. Of course he will be the prime test subject. Most of the carnival specials find a way to make a new life. Many are brought in by HRG and his New Company. Hiro and Ando head back to Japan. They hope to use their powers in secret, shutting down their little heroes for hire building, to work from the shadows. Although things are going well for them, Hiro worries about the others. Especially Peter and Sylar. Hiro’s sister disappears and Ando takes it upon himself to find her……without Hiro’s help. With no one else to turn to Hiro teleports back to ancient Japan to visit Yaiko.

Meanwhile Peter Petrelli visits his mother to discuss what will happen now that Claire has outed them all. Angela is finished explaining things to Peter. He must grow up and move beyond Nathans shadow. “Nathan is dead. And you are the only man left in the Petrelli family now. Grow up, Peter. And fast. Or we’ll all soon be dead.” Angela presses him to take control of himself and his abilities. “You are the only one who can stop what is to come.” Furious Peter departs. Teleporting from the home he once grew up in. And Angela cries silently not knowing if she has sent her last son to his destiny or his death.

Matt Parkman is the first to be recruited by HRG. The New York detective will make a great asset to his new team. With mind reading and manipulation Parkman will keep the government officials in place while the New Company works. Having worked with HRG on a few occasions, Parkman is worried he will be forced to do something he will soon regret. But it’s better to have more control by working for the Company. That will keep his family safe. He hopes.

Gabriel Grey…..that is what he has been calling himself these past few months. It’s hard to think that he can go back to his old life again. He was given another chance. HGR had told him, “Go back to your old life, Sylar. You can still fix watches, can’t you?! It would be unfortunate to have another incident, don’t you agree?” He was given a bank card and all the help needed to open a new clock repair shop. Very upscale. As Gabriel looks out onto the streets of Manhattan, fondling the glasses he no longer really needed, he could still hear the low ticking that has always been in sync with the beat of his heart. He knows how things work. The Power. The Hunger. But he was Gabriel Grey again. Despite that, the ticking of his mind was not off-set by the ticking of the many clocks and watches of his shop. He stared out at the city and knew that eventually, someone would come. To seek power. To control it. Or to try and destroy it. It was only a matter of TIME.

Micah Sanders stands in his new apartment looking over the various monitor screens that make up more than half the space of the over-sized loft. The quiet hum of computers is the only sound in the room. He watches. His teammates of Rebel. He watches. All of the specials he has been able to track down. He watches. The New Company as they begin to round up other specials. Recruiting some.  Incarcerating much more.  Few actually go free. But they are set free. Micah knows not to get involved. Team Rebel has its own goals. Noah Bennett (HRG) contacted him recently. Rebel would be a way of keeping a small number of specials out of government hands. Save them and ask them to join to help others like themselves. Unlike the New Company, Rebel only asked. If they declined they were given a new identity, and asked to make themselves scarce. Micah thought, “I’m the Special Harriet Tubman. She probably was a special also. Who knew????” But he had other problems. Ando had gone on a rescue mission, alone. And Hiro had disappeared, again. Team Rebel had their own hands full. And his cousin Monica pretty much took care of New Orleans by herself. If only he could find Peter Petrelli. He was like Sylar, but a good guy and the greatest Hero of us all. So many powers collected into one person. He could send him to help Ando. Again he thought, “If only I could find him.” Micah calls out into the air,” Angela Petrelli”. Somewhere in the room a phone dialed. He thought to himself, “Who needs a Bluetooth”.

Nothing can stop Claire Bennett. With a body that will repair from virtually any wound, she becomes a machine of fear and balance in the hands of HRG. Even though he hates having her fight by his side, she’s a great weapon. Noah continues to train her; with guns and small arms. Close quarters combat and knife training and of course her favorite, demolition. She pretty much becomes a Kamikaze. She has become hardened by her training and the dozen or so missions she’s been on. But Claire does fear for her father. He’s not powerless, but…….. After an intense sparring session Claire meets HRG in the New Company ready room. Nothing more than a room filled with a huge 10 foot monitor with a ever moving digital map. The tables are over flowing with boxes of files. A few desks with computers sit unused. And a bulletin board with hundreds of faces on it. Some crossed out. HRG waits for her, alone. “Claire, I hope you had a good work because you’re not going to like this”, Noah says. “I never will like it, dad. Who’s the victim this time?” The monitor switches from map display to a file read out with various pictures of one person. Peter Petrelli.  Claire knows what Peter is capable of. She knows that in reality she has no choice. Why does it always come back to him? All he ever wanted to do was help people. But it was her job to help the world. Not just one person at a time. Keep the balance between the specials and the regular population settled. Looking at the monitor and her father she says, “What about Sylar? Isn’t he the real threat?” Noah says nothing. They’ve gone through this before. His answer has and always will be the same, even though this time it is different. Finally Claire says is, “How many powers does he have”? Noah turns the monitor off and walks toward the exit. “He can only have a single ability at a time. He shouldn’t be any problem at all. You know he would never hurt his niece.” She glares at him, but remains silent. “Sometimes”, she thought. “I really do hate him”.

Peter Petrelli had no idea what to do. “As usual”, he thought to himself. Back in his apartment, still fuming over his mother’s words Peter sat down and just thought. He thought OF EVERYTHING. “These powers, what good are they? Every time I try do something courageous or good it always turns out wrong. Powers I have no knowledge of. No control of. Exploding in New York. Being tricked by Adam Monroe. Jumping through time and losing Caitlin. Caitlin!??!” After all this time. Peter remembers the one person that stood with him and never wanted to do anything but love him. “How could I have forgotten her?!? Adam. The Shante Virus. The return of my thought dead father. Being stripped of my powers. Only having to give myself the shot to save Nathan. Now I can only use a single ability at a time. Nathan’s dead. Sylar gets a new lease on life. Claire has let the world know about us. And my mother, trying to manipulate me again. Maybe this time she was right.” He didn’t believe her. He was always weak. Always looking for someone to lead him. Tell him what to do. “Maybe Claude could help me get the answers.” Lost in thought he did not hear the footsteps near his door. Or see the three red dots trained on him. But he felt the sharp pain of the darts that pierced his arm, leg and neck. The last thing Peter remembers is the men in black masks with rifles and stun batons. And the exploding pain as electricity raced through him, until he fell into the blackness of unconsciousness.