WE LOVE COMICS: 10 Comics you NEED to get before it’s too late.

10 Comics you NEED to get before it’s too late.

Shazam #1 1973: 

I bought mine last year. One of first eBay buys. I lost a few auctions. And then decided to just go for a buy it now option. I snagged this for $35.75. I think it’s about 8.5 – 9.0. I’m a total Shazam fan. It was also nice to pick up a book from the year I was born. A first for me. From first looks the movie looks a bust. But we love comics, even if the movie may not have positive prospects.

Ms.Marvel #1 1977: 

Right now I’m still on the hunt for this one. I just can’t find the condition I want for the price I’m willing to pay. Maybe I should look before I post video. Hmmmmmmm. Well aside from her movie coming out I’m finding these older books are just great to have in your collection.

The Forever People #1, Superman’s Ex Pal The New Jimmy Olsen #134:

Really these books are RED HOT!!! Way too expensive for the average collector. If you are buying comics on a weekly basis, grabbing key issues and older gems some books are out of reach. I have smaller fish to fry. LOL. Seriously regardless of what may be hot, always be mindful of the comic piggy bank.

The Incredible Hulk #180 & #181 1974:

Well some of have food to buy ect. Books that you have to save for like when you buy a new television or a new video game console. BIG FISH!!!! I’d rather spend the money on a few lesser books…..For now that is.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 1964:

Oh boy….I was doing alright but We Love Comics has launched out into the deep. Another old school gem that is beyond the reach of From heroes to Icons. Stay in your lane. But if the shoe fits…..happy hunting.

Giant-Size X-Men #1 1975, All New, All Different X-Men #94:

I do really love the X-Men but……………

Fantastic Four #5 & #48 1966:

If you can afford it great. If not, well there’s nothing I can do for you…..or myself.


My Affordable Picks:

Black Panther #1 1977:

I picked this up as one of my first eBay buys.  I paid $50.00 for this. That was around November of 2017.  The book looks to me to be a 9.0 Had to go for the buy it now option. Lost way too many auctions. I hate auctions.

Black Lightning #1 1977:I got this book Near Mint, golden. I got in a best offer for $45.00 Clean. With the Television show and all that you can’t go wrong.
The Savage She-Hulk #1 1979 & Spider-Woman #1 1978:

I was feeling a bit old school with these and I wanted a #1’s. these came up at a steal. The first cycle of Avengers in film is about over. And these are great for the collection. $30.00 Near Mint She-Hulk and 12.00 for Spider-Woman.

Jungle Action #19-21 1976:

Look at this book! Great cover and story. Another 1973 book. Near Mint. The first meeting of Spider-man and Luke Cage. $25.00 all day.

Jungle Action #19-21 1976:

Got two of each of these. One set was gifts for friends. These books are obviously hot from the Black Panther film. But I’m glad to have them. My books are about 7.5 – 9.0.

Wonder Woman #1 1985:

Who can deny the powerful art of George Perez. This book is easy to come by but finding Near Mint copy and be a pain for a cheaper price. I got mine for about $10.00

Iron Fist #1 1975:

This was one of those buys that you just can’t pass up on. A lot of ten issues of John Byrnes’ run on Iron Fist. number one was included with the lot. The book is like a a 6.0, but I’m going to have it pressed, cleaned and graded. I hope it can get bumped to a 7.0

The Avengers #87 1971:

The retold origin of The Black Panther. The color on this cover is MINT. This book is Very Fine Plus. Just a jewel to have in collection. Grading worthy?! You know it.