Marvel NOW Fall Promos / Will Spider-Man Die in Civil War 2?


Marvel Comics has done so much to try and keep ahead of the game in the comics industry. I personally have been underwhelmed and a bit frustrated at the current status of New York’s Finest Marvel NOW is looking to continue to shake things up right after Civil War 2. Here are a bunch of promos released in the past weeks and a new one the shows the sides being taken after Civil War. Now this is purely speculation but one main character is not in the line up. Marvel has stated there will be a huge death in the upcoming Civil War #3. Is Peter Parker Spider-Man going to be that character. Marvel really needs to do something big. And this would crazy especially if it were the Hulk or someone of that caliber to kill Peter Parker. Sounds insane but stranger things right.  Take a look at the last picture…….he’s not on the line up. Food for thought.

shattered-marvel-5ff71 Marvel_NOW_8 MARVELNOW_teaser627 MarvelNow_WaspFoolkiller Marvel-NOW-2-c0c8c Marvel-NOW-3-dbb67 marvelnow-teaser623-187301 america-full-8b67f


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