Monday, January 20, 2020
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VGA 2019: Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Cloud Strife Trailer

Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art & More Game Details

Battle System Analyze the enemy’s weakness and action patterns, and choose magic and abilities. This is a highly strategic battle system that fuses intuitive...

TGS 2019: Final Fantasy VII Remake Sony Special Stage Presentation All screen shots taken from my phone from video

Tokyo Game Show 2019 FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Trailer

TGS 2019: Kingdom Hearts III DLC ‘Re:Mind’

Final Fantasy VII Remake Standard Edition / Deluxe & 1st Class...

Standard Edition: $60 Deluxe Edition: $80 and includes: Base game and any pre-order bonuses Artbook Mini-Soundtrack Steelbook Cactuar Summon Materia DLC Carbuncle Summon Materia DLC 1st Class Edition: $330 includes: Base game and any...

E3 2019Final Fantasy VII Remake – Gameplay Reveal Demo

E3 2019: Final Fantasy VII Remake Extended Trailer Japanese Voiced Trailer:  

Final Fantasy VII Remake – A Symphonic Reunion Release Date and...

March 3, 2019 Release Date