Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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On the Run with Alan Davis on Excalibur


FHTI: What Happens After the Endgame

Just a short video showing some comics of characters and teams that I would like to show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Take...

Dark Phoenix | Final Trailer


Marvels Dark Phoenix Teaser Trailer & Poster


SDCC 2018: THE GIFTED | Season 2 Official Trailer


Join MARVEL Celebrate The Return of the Fantastic Four with these...

The Fantastic Four will return to Marvel Comics this August. There will be variants for many of marvels current line of books. Personally this...

MARVEL COMICS 2018: A Fresh Start


Deadpool 2 Trailer, Meet Cable


Disney Buys 20th Century Fox & 20th Century Fox Television

What can anyone say to this.......... Here we have the full press release from Disney. More from me later. The Walt Disney Company and Twenty-First Century...

Marvel Comics: PHOENIX RESURRECTION Teaser Video

Jean Grey is finally coming back to the Marvel Universe in comics. In a five issue mini series. And we all know in the...