Friday, September 23, 2022

Comic Book Collecting & Investment Rant


FHTI: May The Forth Be With You Video

A great video highlighting some of the novels from Star Wars. May the 4th be with you.

Tag Video Top 10 First Appearances in My Collection

On the Run with Brett Booth’s Backlash

Today I am going through Backlash 1-32. The full run of the series. Created by Brett Booth, Jim Lee and Brandon Choi

Brian LCS Spider Man 60th Anniversary Cover Challenge

Celebrating Spider-Mans 60th Anniversary. Brian LCS has asked the community to show ten covers that are our favorites. Please feel free to join in....

Point Blank Period My Manga Comic Book Rant

#readmoremanga I really needed to get some stuff off my chest. Manga is different than American comics. And in a lot of ways better. That...

BCB’s & Coles Comic Cover Challenge: Image Edition

DC Comics Solicitations for June 2022 Podcast:

Image Solicitations for June 2022 Podcast

Marvel Solicitations for June 2022

A long run down of all the comics coming from Marvel. A great way to be in the know for future pre-orders