Warner Bros. & HBO Max 2021 Movies Announcement – Official Trailer


It is looking as if the movie world has begun to move into a new and different place. Amid the pandemic that has shut down nearly the entire world. Although we have begun to move forward and make progress. many entertainment venues have remained closed or are at an incredible low threshold for customers. Warner Bros. has decided it is time to change with the times. Staring with Wonder Woman 84′ Warner Bros, will release up to seventeen films in 2021 in theaters and HBO MAX simultaneously. So you will have the option to watch a movie at home on HBO MAX or at the theater. Make no mistake some films just need that movie theater experience.

Here is an excerpt from WB:

“After considering all available options and the projected state of moviegoing throughout 2021, we came to the conclusion that this was the best way for WarnerMedia’s motion picture business to navigate the next 12 months,” Jason Kilar, CEO of WarnerMedia, said in a statement. “More importantly, we are planning to bring consumers 17 remarkable movies throughout the year, giving them the choice and the power to decide how they want to enjoy these films. Our content is extremely valuable, unless it’s sitting on a shelf not being seen by anyone. We believe this approach serves our fans, supports exhibitors and filmmakers, and enhances the HBO Max experience, creating value for all.”